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December Birth Stones & the Zodiac Sagittarius


November 23 – December 21 Element – Fire – Mutable

Temperance #14 of the major arcana in tarot, shows us the benefit of moderation. Being humble & reconciliation with others. The Yin Yang balance to find serenity. When reversed, there’s contradiction, imbalance, confrontation & disharmony.

Confident, flexible, and intrigued by the unknown, this zodiac sign being in the house of higher learning, Sagittarians, are the type to want to find answers in philosophies and religions. They also like to travel. They are blunt and prefer things said like it is, which can be taken as rude by other people. Known for being the friend of the zodiac signs, but not great matches romantically, they are loyal when they decide to settle down though.

Hercules learned the benefit of finding answers to his problems when he was trying to rid the marsh of Stymphalas of a flock of monster sized birds that had iron feathers and sword shaped beaks. Tried as he might, his mighty club and arrows had no effect on them, so he thought up another plan. He waited until dusk and banged two cymbals together over and over which scared the flock away.

Sagittarians can appear like they are uncaring, because they are the easy-going mutable sign of the fire element. They move through people very quickly and onto the next thing that catches their interest. Symbolized by the centaur Pabilsag in Babylonian myth, with wings and a scorpion tail, representing man’s issue with behaving as others do and fighting their inner passions and desires. Mostly noticed for this in romantic relationships shown by the scorpion tail and being the zodiac sign right beside Scorpio.

Chiron in Greek mythology was the expert in hunting, warfare, poetry and healing. Known for being brutal, seductive and wise, but not civilized among the people. When he passed, the gods made him the Sagittarius constellation.

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is also represented by The Wheel Of Fortune #10 in the tarot’s major arcana, we find growth and expansion in positive ways.

Marduk in Babylonian tales was The ruler of water, vegetation, judgement and magic. His father, Ea, gave him control as god over humanity. Zeus of the Greeks & the storm gods of the Vedic, like Indra, were associated with Jupiter also, with controlling the weather & using the lightning bolt to their aims. Otherwise known as “by Jove.” – Jupiter.

Jupiter not only brings a period of good luck and expansion, but also new opportunities. It instilled the meaning of giving to the others and how we then receive abundance in return. Selfless giving. If you follow a person born under this planet you are sure to not to keep up, since they are usually in many different places at once with their endeavors.

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