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About Us

Jim Pauls has been digging and selling rocks and minerals in Ontario, Canada for over 20 years. 


15 years ago, his wife Lois joined him in the adventure, and together they spend summers searching for exciting finds in Northern Ontario and Quebec, attending mineral shows and running the store. 

They usually spend part of our winters in Quartzite or Tucson, Arizona where they trade or buy a wide assortment of new material including rough or carved rocks, minerals and jewelry from throughout the world.


These rare finds and beautiful specimens are available through the online store.

Please check out our Adventure page for photos from our trips collecting rocks throughout North America!

Lois Pauls sitting in giant amathyst geode in Arizona

Lois sitting in a giant amethyst rock!

Dino the mascott at Great Canadian Prospecting!
Lois with Dino, the mascott, and an onyx skull and dino mascott.jpg

Dino, the GCP Shop mascot!

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