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Crystal Symbolism

In metaphysics, crystals have gained a lot of spiritual symbolism. These are just some of the most commonly use crystals. Sign up for the newsletter, to get updates as more crystals and their symbolism, as well as many other topics are covered in the blog!


Selenite: It is translucent and helps bring clarity of mind - opening the crown chakra. It helps with peace and is great for meditation or spiritual work. It is used for purifying spiritual objects. It helps with judgement and insight, and helps with confusion and seeing the deeper picture. It helps with the spinal column and flexibility, as well as epileptic seizures. It neutralizes mercury poisoning. Do not put in water or it will dissolve.

Lapis Lazuli: This stone is known for opening the third eye and balancing the throat chakra. A lot of people use it for dream work or for trying to enhance their psychic abilities. It’s known for being protective, but also helping relax a person. It’s helpful for people who suffer depression and want help with self love and compassion for themselves. It represents truth and learning to communicate effectively. It is also known for helping with migraines and nervous system disorders. It helps cleanse organs, the bone marrow as well as strengthening the immune system. Some people use it for purifying blood, and even for insomnia, hearing loss, and vertigo. It is recommended to place it on the throat, or in between the brow.

Garnet: This gem is used to stimulate the metabolism. It helps with the heart and lungs as well as DNA. It symbolizes self-confidence and learning to handle stressful situations. It balances the sex drive and helps bring in prosperity and more passion. Often used as a protective talisman, because of all that it’s able to do for the body and spirit. It is used most generally to balance chakras. It is great for intelligence and breaking old patterns. It is even used in past life meditations. Usually it is worn over the third eye or as jewelry.

Turquoise: This is a protective stone that has been used over time for amulets. Worn to help with psychic communication and placed over the third eye. It helps express oneself when used with the throat chakra, and helps clear away electromagnetic field symptoms. It is a creative stone when people need to be able to communicate and express themselves effectively. Great for people who suffer from panic attacks. Turquoise is used to help fight against pollution, infections, even cataracts. It is also used with gout, the stomach, since it is an anti-inflammatory and detoxifier, and also helps with cramps, and rheumatism.

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