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Crystal Symbolism Cont.

Amethyst: Amethyst is a protective stone that guards against psychic attack. It helps with negative environments and helps with intuitive awareness. It helps calm the mind and is great in meditation. It keeps a person focused and able to make decisions effectively. Often used for insomnia or people who suffer nightmares. It improves memory and balances the emotions. It can be used in meditation and in scrying, often used over the third eye. It aids in out of body experiences and more vivid dreams. Amethyst helps the hormones and the endocrine system. It helps with psychological and physical pain like headaches and tension. It helps with the lungs and respiratory tract, as well as the skin and digestive tract. It also helps with bruising and healing injuries. A lot of people wear amethyst as jewelry. It is usually worn over the throat or heart. If you are using a crystal point, point it outwards to take energy away from you and point it toward you to bring it in. Keep it out of sunlight to prevent fading.

Malachite: It can be toxic and should only be used in polished form. It amplifies energies both positive and negative. It grounds the energies onto the planet. It is a protection stone and helps against pollutants. Do not use salt when cleansing or else that can damage the surface. Guards against radiation. It also helps with electromagnetic pollution. It helps activate the chakras attuned to spiritual guidance. People will place it on the third eye to help with psychic vision. On the heart chakra it brings balance. It can be used for scrying to look for images and messages. It is a stone of transformation. It helps with taking chances and making changes. Helps us break old patterns. Shows us how to take accountability and express feelings. It helps with shyness and helps with intuition. It is great for people with dyslexia and helps people become more observant. Helps with emotional healing and old traumas.

Tiger’s Eye: It helps use the Earth and the sun’s energy to bring about psychic visions and helps with kundalini rising. It is usually used as a talisman against negativity and helps with accomplishing goals. It helps get you focused and recognizes what the needs are of other people. It integrates the hemispheres of the brain for perception and helps with personality disorders. It helps with self-worth and blocked creativity and balances Yin Yang energies. It helps with depression. It can help with reproductive organs and repairing broken bones as well.

Obsidian: obsidian is molten lava. It cooled so quickly that it didn’t have time to crystallise. It is truth enhancing and great at exposing flaws and weaknesses that we want to heal. It can bring up old emotions that might be hard to deal with. It helps against negativity and removes spiritual influences. It’s great for environmental pollution. Helps you find out what your sole purpose is in life. To go beyond outward appearances and heal the shadow self. It brings clarity to the mind and makes you bust through constricting beliefs. It helps aid in digestion and helps detoxify, helps with tension and hardened arteries. It’s known for helping with the pain of arthritis, cramps, and joint problems. It helps staunch bleeding and aids in circulation. It can also help shrink an enlarged prostate. They are different kinds of obsidian. Below are just some of the many available.

Black obsidian is more creative and helps you manifest. It helps release old emotions and is used in shamanic ceremonies. It is used for the gift of prophecy when scrying. Helps breakthrough barriers.

Blue helps with divination and telepathy and the throat chakra which helps with communication skills.

Green obsidian helps purify the heart and throat chakras and helps release negative emotions, and ties to other people. Also helps with the gallbladder and the heart.

Snowflake obsidian helps you release negative ways of thinking and helps with loneliness. Do not be so hard on yourself.

Apache tear obsidian helps transmute negative energy, and helps with grief and releasing old emotions and things that limit us.

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