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Crystal Shapes & Their Uses


Are used to move energy in all directions equally. They are also used in scrying. It is a crystal that represents the cycle of life, peace and gentility.


Are used to draw off negativity and blockages. Used in chakra balancing, and with enhancing whatever the crystal itself is known for being able to do. Used in Feng shui and when manifesting desires.


These help rebalance chakras. It is also used in reflexology or as an acupressure tool. They are used as stress relievers, because of the shape fitting so well in the palm of the hand.

Symbolic of fertility, a birth or spark of something new.


These types of crystals are used to keep energy within it. It is good for grounding and setting intentions. It can also be used depending upon the crystal type, to turn negative energy into positive.


Hearts, of course lead us to think of love and romance, but they’re also used for self love self-esteem, self-worth. They also represent the people closest to us like our families. They will give us a sense of peace and comfort having that kind of energy around a person, so they’re perfect when used during meditation, as well as when trying to sleep better at night time.


Radiating energy to the surrounding environment, are used in cleansing rooms, and other crystals.


Are usually used to amplify energy within the crystal itself. They usually take a crystal that is known for being stronger or energy that is really heightened and they slow it down instead of getting rid of it all together. Used in spiritual work for protection. Also used to assist in breaking addictions.


Are used to force energy into a straight line. Used in healing or rituals. Used to move energy towards or away from the body.


Used in Reiki healing, in ritual practices to direct energy, to dispel negativity, to cleanse a space of unwanted energy, as well as in setting intentions.


Often seen, but mostly used as décor. Skulls can actually be used as a symbol of the dark and unknown and the mysterious, as well as our ancestors and history. They are a symbol of wisdom, so this is another great way to go within, during meditation while holding a skull and gaining more knowledge.


These can be worn as well. When used, it is mostly done so in the case of divination to gain insight. They’re also used as a symbol of transformation, making big changes. They can be used as a source of universal energy or for channeling the other spiritual realms, and in doing so are symbolic of psychic and intuitive gifts. They symbolize the cycle of life.


This is a representation of the element of water. You want to think of psychic energy, a flow, a movement. It represents emotions and the beginning of new passions. This is a great shape to use, if someone is setting goals and intentions, or trying to heal emotional traumas.


This shape is usually used when trying to connect with divinity, someone’s higher self, if not trying to gain more wisdom into more spiritual matters like the Akashic records. This is also a good shape to use when working on the third eye or crown chakra.


This is the shape you want to use when trying to gain more knowledge and intellect. When you really want to break something down and truly understand something at its core, this is the shape you want to use.


This is great when we want to ramp up the energy of our intentions, as well as wanting to build a sense of strength and power within ourselves.

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